Mapping the Mindexternal image 64By Rita Carter
Rita Carter's Mapping the Mind takes its readers into a journey through the most mysterious organ in the human body, the brain. In eight interesting chapters, readers begin to understand how humans feel emotions or have certain behaviors. Through stories and examples of different disorders, understanding the brain becomes more of an enjoyment leading to many different discussions on what really occurs in the brain. For example, Carter explains that there is a part of the frontal lobe of the brain that when stimulated people become more religious. From this, the question, "Is religion real, or do we feel religion?" can be brought up. Carter gives the most recent research and examples to help understand the brain and its functions. By using the latest imaging devices, the brain has become a lot easier to understand since different parts light up when different emotions and thoughts occur in the mind. Through Mapping the Mind, Rita Carter is able to help even the most novice people understand the mind.

Chapter 1: The Emerging Landscape
Chapter 2: The Great Divide
Chapter 3: Beneath the Surface
Chapter 4: A Changeable Climate
Chapter 5: A World of One's Own
Chapter 6: Crossing the Chasm
Chapter 7: States of Mind
Chapter 8: Higher Ground

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